One year, and a few lessons learned….

ObservationsWhew! It’s been a full year learning the ropes and creating my niche as the owner of Sweetwater.   A few things I’ve learned in the past year and plan to put to use in the next year:

Quality products:  Definitely a strong sales point with Sweetwater.  While some businesses simply want the cheapest promotional option, Sweetwater clients want quality products that are affordable.  I’m continually impressed with the quality of Sweetwater suppliers and products. And the satisfaction of my clients proves that quality trumps quantity.

Buying local:  Buying local means varying things to various people.  To me, it’s supporting local businesses within the Kootenays.  To others, it’s simply buying Canadian.  A local business, like Sweetwater, relies on suppliers from outside the region for its products, but its services come from within.  Sweetwater is a business from the Kootenays, serving the Kootenays.

Customer service:  Service is just that:  to serve.  I’ve found that a focus on service brings folks back.  Responsiveness, honesty and quality are three of the most important facets of Sweetwater’s service.

Face-to-face:  While much of my work can be done via email and phone calls, I prefer to meet my clients at least once a year to put a face to the name and make a personal connection.  And after all, who wouldn’t want to do the same?

Social media:  Aaacck!! What is this strange beast that so occupies my teenagers?  Still lots to learn and engage in.  Maybe in one more year, I’ll have it down pat….

And now let’s see if I can write my next post before another year goes by!