After A Long, Snowy Winter

Many of us in the Kootenays are wondering when the snow will stop falling.  While we are all here because we love the powder and the winter activities it inspires, March arrives with the scent of spring and the accompanying flowers, warmth and sunshine (and, yes, rain!).  So with snow falling in early March and spring still a blip on the horizon, in the next few weeks, I will highlight a few new promos that promise spring!  sunglasses_blue_large

When the future’s so bright you gotta wear shades, here’s a fun promo for spring and summer events – Debco’s Franca Sunglasses with tinted lenses.  With a black frame and coloured arms, these shades add the COOL factor to any event!

krienses_lime-green_largeAnd Debco carries the Krienses Cooling Towel, breathable, soft and engineered to stay damp while also absorbing perspiration.  Once this towel is damp, it helps lower your body temperature after the gym, cardio classes, walks, hikes and outdoor sports.

Finally, perfect for the canoe, kayak or day at the beach, the Atlantis waterproof_pouch_black_large Waterproof Case for Electronics is another Debco product suited for all of us who carry our cell phones everywhere.  Now no worries as you head to any of the waterways around the Kootenays — your phone will stay dry!

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